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Sabishii no Mitsukai (lonely angel)


Saturday, February 02, 2002

sabrina, my second cousin, is a BRAT! she's yelling at me to stay in my room, then demands to me come out. she shoved me in my room, physically! if she does that again, i WILL flip out!
i have some black "butt floss" as mom puts it.. heh.. finally mom let me get ADULT underwear. sheesh... those flowers just weren't cutting it.

well, i went shopping, got the cards, undies and gym things i needed (swimsuit and warm-ups). damn swimsuit had to be a 1-piece.. stupid rules! but, then again, i really don't want everyone looking at me... especially phill, cus he's in my class.

eek... this butt floss takes some getting used to! anywya, i got a chococat purse from mom ^-^


I'm a Fire Spirit


Which Carbonated Beverage Are You?

my god.. i'm MOUNTIAN SPEW!! ICK!! and, as an added bonus, if males drink me too much, i kill their sperm! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

okay... that's enough crazy emily for today...


everything between jase and i is getting better, though the things between nasal and i aren't. -sighs- rob and i have come to know eachother better. i'd say he's jelous of jase too, but at least he has it under control.

the SPF Mission Trip meeting is suday... i hope my parents finish disscussing it =/

that's all for now...

A foxy geek (^_~) and her life.. "...It just takes some time, little girl you're in the middle of the ride. Everything will be just fine, everything will be allright..." [Jimmy Eat World - The Middle]


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