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Sabishii no Mitsukai (lonely angel)


Saturday, February 16, 2002

I am Monday's Child
What day are you? that right, bitch. o-O
i am totally losing it.. my temp is 99.5.. whee..
to anyone who knows me in real life:
i have a temp of 101. i'm prolly gonna go to the doctor's monday... my back hurts like a bamf if that helps..
"...I’m on my feet, I’m on the floor, I’m good to go.
Now all I need is just to hear a song I know.
I wanna always feel like part of this was mine.
I wanna fall in love tonight..."

Friday, February 15, 2002

Aitai na aenai na setsunai na kono kimochi

I want to see you, I can't see you. It makes me feel sad

yay.. i talked to jase online.. we talked about Jimmy Eat World among other things.. -sings- "With a turn and a twist she gets her wish.."

i'm sorry jassie.
i petted kitty and i went to see dad so i'm calm now.

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my style is...preppy
why does this piss me off more than usual..? is this piss emily off untill she explodes day?? it starts with rob's wench comments, then it goes to NASAL ONLY LEAVING A FUCKING AIM MESSAGE AND NOT ONCE TRYING THE PHONE!!!! if i have an away message up it means i'm home, BUT NOT AT MY COMP! YOU BAKA-KAMI'S!! GOD! DO I HAVE TO ADD "CALL ME" TO EVERY FUCKIN AWAY MESSAGE I HAVE??????? -spits in complete disgust- (you'll learn that i do that when i won't calm down unyill someone makes it better... it's a warning really.. don't touch without knowing you head might be hacked off). now, kerry doesn't even know if his fuckin sisiter is home!! FUCKIN ALMIGHTY GOD HERE PEOPLE!!

i quit aim when i leave the house... not when i'm napping, using the facilities, eating dinner or watching tv. IT'S TO LET YOU KNOW I'M HOME AND CAN BE CALLED DAMNIT!

[pissed emily]

IF I'M AWAY ON AIM YOU CAN ALWAYS CALL ME YOU ASSHOLES WHO LEAVE MESSAGES!!! -pissed- ESPECIALLY YOU, NASAL! I THOUGHT YOU WERE SMART ENOUGH TO FIGURE IT OUT! emmy not on aim, so try phone. you almost always get a result! now, i'm going to spend the rest of the evening pouting!!!
-squeel- jase called!! yay!! -so happy-

i love it when he gets that quiety-whisper tone..

Thursday, February 14, 2002

nate came over and gave me fudge for V-Day!!!!!! -squeel- HYPER EMILY!!

i saw dad after TKD. mom went back to massage him.. kinda lonely but i'll live.

i'm SOOOOOO HYPER!!! -does safety dance-

[Men w/ Out Hats - Safety Dance[
i was wearing my mom's victoria's secret Love Spell spray and lotion today.. i think it's gonna become mine from now on >:D
wheee. i was supposed to stay after for "extra help" but, the stupid teacher got a call that she has to go to a parent teacher meeting. x.x fortunately, i told jason where i was going to be, and he rescued me. ^_^ so went to the proforming arts wing and was hyper with rob, steph, stephanie, candice and jason for 15 minutes. before i left, i went around for hugs. jason held on to me for a long time.. it was kinda odd.. i also got one from steph and rob ^_^

jase called ^_^ i told him what jason got me for valentines day and he said that he's unwilling to accept defeat, unlike rob, who's accepted it and will wait. anyway, i told him about the hug, and he said the same thing as with the present. whee.. we said happy valentines day, i love you and such things..

i love you... i wish i could get a kiss from him...


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Wednesday, February 13, 2002

i went to the ash wednesday service. jase was there of course. whee... leslie (jase's mom) gave me a hug.. i feel loved. :D i call her mom now.. wheee... we joked that if i went home with jase, they'd notice cus she wouldn't be lonely and on testosterone overload.. poor mom.
jase called just after i left to eat dinner (we have no emmy-friendly food left in the house now)...

i want to cry...

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oh yeah baby. you know it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2002

my teeth are still sore.. it's just the bottom row... power chains make your teeth hurt like a BAMF! GOD!

louise is leaving for oklahoma tomarrow.. i wish ya luck!

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Monday, February 11, 2002

dad had surgurey.. -nerves shot-

i called cate when i found out right away.. and jason too... god, i was scared.

jason calmed me down... he's everything i want...

"...and all you wanted was somebody who cares..."

i got him something.. kinda a valentine's day/ going away to college present.. so he won't forget me..

"...if you want to, i can save you.."

i cried.. i admit that. i just wish he was here to dry my tears.. cus that's part of what started it...

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oyyy... i have my orthodontist appt today..

Sunday, February 10, 2002

yet AGAIN, i miss saying goodbye to nate. piiiffffff. -grumbles- FUCKIN CROTCH EATER! okay.. now with that off my chest...

jassie is getting to be more open, sweeter, more caring.. the list goes on. he's getting way better...

during that second hug, he kissed the top of my head... he said he's protective of me, wether i choose him or not...
he came. it was soo funny. during one part, she was trying to fix the flat, and i said, "oh, she could just whip out her cell and call AAA!" jason laughed and i was like "oh yeah.."

i learned some new things about him, and i got 2 hugs... 1 cus of dad and one for goodbye. -happy emme-
jason g. ish gonna be here at 3 to watch Baby Boom.. it'll be good to have a friend over during my crisis...

i can still remember the first time he kissed me.. "bliss, so comforting, yet so fleeting."

i miss you hon..


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both services went well. we did better this time cus the first one was 45 minutes instead of 30, so that's good. and the second one went well. during "story time" for the kids (it's only during second service cus of churchschool), a buzzer went off for one of the mikes. oh well. all went well..

i took pictures of us in the youth room for dad. 2 were group pics and i was next to jason ^_^ after, we went to the closet in front of the church (it's open!) to kiss, but people were nearby.. so we went to the open area under the stairs of the link. ^_^ i love you baby..

when mom and i left, jason was behind us in his mom's sunfire untill we got past tolland turnpike. i waved and he waved back. everyone thought it was funny. and when mom and i were going down Tolland Turnpike, shakira's song, Whenever, Wherever started playing on KC 101!! lol

we visited dad and i explained part of the service to him and we visited. mom and i went to the giftshop after! :D i found a rabbit beanie baby, cottonball. it was created on Scott’s death date, one year later.. ;-; but i got it anyway cus it holds special signifagance. i’ll tell the scott story later.

i might get jason the Sizzle beanie baby cus it ish red.

catey called ^-^

A foxy geek (^_~) and her life.. "...It just takes some time, little girl you're in the middle of the ride. Everything will be just fine, everything will be allright..." [Jimmy Eat World - The Middle]


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