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Sabishii no Mitsukai (lonely angel)


Thursday, February 28, 2002

-pissed at herself- i was too buisy goofing off and not doing my homework early to call jase... i said (to myself) that i wuld after dessert (around 8) and i never did! -pissed- i think he'll forgive me... i'll call him tomarrow... right when i get home too!
-pissy emmy- mom came in without kocking for the zillionth time... i've just about had it!!

i slipped in the hall and tried to blame it on rob... god i was so embarrassed...

jase came on.. he made me feel better... -sighs-

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

cindi was such a bitch in gym... she made me and joe do all the work,a nd we still came out on top!

jase and i talked for a long time today...

SoccerBaby1008 (9:27 PM): "sleep sweet half-pint"

ShortieSoccer13 (9:27 PM): sleep sweet half pint

GDMeta (9:19 PM): sleep sweet halfpint

oy vey...

Monday, February 25, 2002

GDMeta (9:36 PM): sleep sweet halfpint
today was a normal blah b-day. if i haven't already told you what happened at lunch, don't count on finding out unless you happen to be s-babe or candicimo-chan....


I wish that I could fly with you
Take off and go in flight
I wish that I could be with you
See your face of soft moonlight
I wish that I could get to you
100 men I'd fight
I wish that I could mourn for you
To lessen sadnesses' bite
I wish that I could be everything to you
Your all, your black and white
I wish that I could protect you
To be your will and might
I wish that I could stay and think of you
On this cold november night
But instead I sleep and dream of you
That everything is right.

---- by an anonymous friend
PES355 (10:49 PM): Would you be willing to come to a youth council meeting to address some of these issues?
OmgAFoxyGeek (10:49 PM): sure

oy vey. there was such an uproar last night... jeebus... and i'm one of the mature ones that gets to be on the council...

Sunday, February 24, 2002

my shirt still smells like him...

ok, hhe got there, and we talked for a bit, then we went up to the youth room and i put my coat up there and he put his hoodie down. the room was dark (not too dark cus it was still light outside) and the heavy door had shut itself, so we were alone... just us two. he pulled me in for a hug. i barely got to smell his scent before he lifted me off the floor with is strong arms. i lifted my legs and wrapped mine around his. he was surprised for a second, then chuckled softly. he squeezed me tight, then let me down slowly.

skip ahead to the beggining of spf... kristen talks about brining in lyrics, poems and such that remind you about God for the good friday lock in when you can have 1/2 an hour to yourself in the sanctuary... -thinks about 12/2/01- anyway, he pulled out his wallet, an was looking through all the misc cards he keeps and pulled out a folded piece of paper. i took it from him and opened it up. it was the poem rob wrote.. The Wish! jason whispered to me, “you sent that to me.. i printed it the week that i missed you so much...”

i’m so flattered that he’ll use it...

i love you babe..


my bitch factor went down 20%... prolly cus of high school!

lol.. i'm 89% pure...(however the hell THAT happened), and i'm 86% female... sorry rob, but i'm just as girl as you! poor kid...
105 days... 105 days until he can take me anywhere...

i saw him this morning... it was great... stupid old guy had to walk into the hall JUST before we were about to kiss though. x.x it's ok.. jay blew up balloons and i tied them .. all this for kristen. them i signed one from the both of us, and then judy grabbed it and wrote " up in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" underneath our names and i wrote "hey! =p" in response to that lol and i left with mom, and she said jay wasn't being a good boyfriend and saying goodbte properly. anyway, mom changed her mind about signing up for something, so we went back, and i got a hug ^_^ god i miss his arms...

after every time i see him, i miss him more and more....
love ya hon...

A foxy geek (^_~) and her life.. "...It just takes some time, little girl you're in the middle of the ride. Everything will be just fine, everything will be allright..." [Jimmy Eat World - The Middle]


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