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Sabishii no Mitsukai (lonely angel)


Friday, March 15, 2002

ook anna. the reason i said i'm not talking to nasal on a serious level anymore is because it's always about jase dating me and having my love, and nasal's upset it's not him. that's the topic of conversation all the time, and he refuses to change it, because he weasles it back in (and that's hard with me).

yes, i am capable of a serious conversation, just like you. just last night, i had an extremely serious conversation with jase.

why do you think i'm not capable? is it because i'm not like you? because i'm a preppy-acting geek? i don't want to start a flame war, but you pushed one of the wrong buttons.

what's the purpose of you hating me because i act different than you? i'm not stupid. you can go ahead an think i am, but i'm not.

and cate, i'm sorry i didn't go to the concert. mom said no at the last minute and i was pissed.


i miss jase... he gets out in 5 minutes ^_^ (it's 1:40 now). i can't wait to talk to him ^_^

i'm glad he stopped me from slipping back down my hole... and from actually creating a good-sized battle scar.. heh.. no one gives a flying fuck about what happened last year (or what nearly happened this time) except him. kristen would just way too freaked out. she's so nieve for someone in her 20's...

Find out which LifeSaver you are.

now, if they just had one for starburst hard candies....

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

don't worry everyone.. i'm alive.. but barely.... i got into a big fight with my parents last night and luckily jase called or else i wouldn't have calmed down. school sucks as usual...

i'm not talking to jassie on a serious level anymore. he's hurting me too much...

A foxy geek (^_~) and her life.. "...It just takes some time, little girl you're in the middle of the ride. Everything will be just fine, everything will be allright..." [Jimmy Eat World - The Middle]


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